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Product warranty - SpeedTuning® provides for both products, the Power Box and the Power Chip, a 2 year warranty. If a Power Box or a Power Chip goes bad during the warranty, you get the bad item exchanged.

Return guaranty - If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Product (Power Boxes and special orders only), you may return or cancel the order for a product refund within 14 days, a 20% restocking fee applies, excludes shipping costs. No refunds on software upgrades (Power Chip).

Engine warranty (Europe only)- SpeedTuning® provides a warranty for the engine, gear box and differential (includes power train) for 1 year or until 65000 miles for new cars and 1/2 year or until 65000 miles for used cars. Terms are, the installation has to be done at an official service station and the warranty form has to be confirmed at this service station. Further, the damage has to be caused by the tuning device and not because of incorrect vehicle usage. Please ask for special warranty forms. (Europe only)

Returning Customers Special - You already own a Power Box, but it wouldn't fit your new diesel? Don't worry, SpeedTuning® will take your old Power Box back for 50% of the current wholesale price as part of the price of a new one!

Disclaimer - SpeedTuning® Tuning Kits are manly designed for racing and off road use. The buyer uses the Tuning Kit (Power Chip or Power Box) at his own risk. The seller guarantees the operation of the Tuning Kit, but in no way can be held responsible for any liabilities resulting from the use of the Tuning Kit. Caution, the Tuning Kit may cause a surprisingly high acceleration and could cause a non-alert driver difficulty in maintaining control of the vehicle.

Installation instructions - Here a quick overview of the most popular engines. The original installation instructions are more detailed and easy to follow through.

Installation instruction for a Pumpe Düse Power Box - First remove the sound-absorbing cover. The original connector is located right at the side of the motor block. (arrow)

Just plug the Power Box connectors in between the original connection and connect the red and black cable with the battery. (red for plus/black for minus). Done!

Installation instruction for all 1.9l TDi's - Basically you can divide the newer TDi's by lengthwise and crosswise designed motor blocks. (most of the time lengthwise 8pin version, crosswise 10pin version). First remove the sound-absorbing cover, then plug the Power Box connector right in between the original connection (right in front of the motor block down to the right, arrow) and connect the single cable with the MAF (air flow) sensor (arrow). 

If the MAF sensor has 5 connections, connect with number 5, if it has 6 connect with number 6.

Installation instruction for all Mercedes CDI, BMW d and all JTD common rail engines - With those Power Boxes you have to find the ECU's (control units). At Mercedes and BMW engines for example the ECU is located in the engine room, close to the rider side.

At Alfa Romeo and Fiat engines the ECU is located at the feet of the rider.

To install the Power Box you have to plug 2 connectors in between the ECU and the original connectors, then connect one cable to the ground or permanent plus, done!

Dyno graphs - To check out some details, please choose your model:

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