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Power Box ...
The turbo diesel power package: more torque - more HP and better elasticity at an improved fuel mileage. Easy assembly and disassembly without going to the limits of your engine (the Power Box does not interfere with turbo boost or create any other excess engine loads, it will not harm your engine or shorten its life!).
Perfect for your turbo diesel, with satisfaction guaranteed!


10000 satisfied customers choose the Power Box with confidence and over 600 car dealer trust and tune their new and used cars with this great quality product from Germany.

A 10 minute-tuning gets you the extra power! The installation process is easy, most of our customer are able to do it by themselves.

  • to be used at diesel-engines with an electronic controlled injection pump
  • up to 35% increased performance within the emissions
  • no interference with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and turbo boost
  • quick removal to stock status possible
  • absolute all day useable and stable
  • service periods stay the same
  • in case of a defect standard performance is still available
  • error message system of the control unit is still online
  • reusable for your next diesel (same engine type)
  • 2 years warranty
  • ...


Just to give you an idea. Pictures of the most popular models.

Common Rail

Pumpe Düse


TDI 90/110

More torque and HP, better elasticity, improved fuel mileage!

Standard 90PS Standard 115PS Standard 140PS

Dynamometer graphs
(blue line=Standard, red line=SpeedTuning

Technology: The increase of performance gets done through a change of the injection timing and the quantity of injected diesel (or for example at the Common Rail System with the injection pump pressure). The electronic of the Power Box is also connected with the MAF sensor (Air Flow Meter), to guarantee an optimized injection process. The Power Box is installed between the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the injection pump. Most of the tuning kits use a standard connection, which can be installed or removed within minutes (not detectable by diagnostics).

Price (Power Box 1.9l TDI 68/90/110HP) :

 US$ 265.00


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