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Sport Air Filter...
The power optimizer: The K&N Filtercharger Air Filter is unique in all the world. K&N uses premium quality oiled cotton gauze sandwiched between layers of wire screen. This special design permits very high flow rates, minimum restriction, maximum filtration and very long filter life. When dirty, simply wash, re-oil and install.

Exhaustive testing in K&N laboratories has clearly demonstrated the superiority of the K&N Filtercharger design. K&N continually test, on their own dyno and flow bench, all of their products and those of their competitors for overall filtering ability and flow performance. No other filter even comes close. Independent tests demonstrate the outright dominance of the Filtercharger system. Paper and foam filters simply cannot match the K&N flow rates even when new and their performance drops off sharply when only slightly dirty. The K&N Filtercharger, on the other hand, flows like new for up to 50.000 miles without cleaning. When it comes to performance Filtration, K&N is clearly "Best by Test".

The installation of the K&N Filter is easy, you just exchange them with the original one-way paper filter at the filter box.

About 40% more air flow ratio optimizes the balance between injected fuel and incoming air. The result is a better engine performance (increased power and torque), a better fuel mileage and a longer operation time of the engine (also because of an advanced filtration, over 97.5%). Tests show that you can increase your fuel mileage up to 8% by using a sport air filter!

Maximum filtration: A K&N Air Filter is designed to be oiled. The oil that it is held in suspension by the cotton gauze material acts to stop even the smallest dirt dirt particles from entering your engine. As dirt builds up on the outside of a K&N filter, it acts as part of the filter media further extending the filter's service life. Except under extreme dusty conditions, the K&N will only need servicing every 50.000 to 100.000 miles of driving. When cleaning - NEVER use solvents, harsh detergents and compressed air on a K&N, as they can damage the cotton fibers.

Long filter life: The K&N Filtercharger is engineered to last the life of your engine. When extremely dirty, you simply clean with K&N Filter Cleaner, reverse flush with tap water, re-oil with K&N Filter Oil and reinstall. 

Exchangefilter:  have the same size as the original paper filter. The difference is the material. The exchange process is the same as exchanging an ordinary filter, only this time you do it once and never again.

Price in combination with a Tuning shipping free : US$ 50.00


Better performance with an increased fuel mileage. With the K&N Air Filter you got your money back the first time you wash it.
  • Increased Horsepower and Mileage
  • Washable / Reusable
  • Saves You Money against paper filters
  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Provides Superior Filtering
  • Exclusive Million Mile Warranty
  • 40% More Air Flow For Your Tuned Engine

Very high air flow: No other filter of comparable size will flow as much air as a K&N. The extremely large surface area offers little restriction to incoming air. In fact, the special gauze-and-screen construction acts to smooth and straighten the air as it enters the intake system, increasing engine performance. That's why it is called a Filtercharger.

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