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Power Chip...
The performance all-rounder : We store tuning software/checksums for more than 1500 different car models (diesel and gas engines) in our database. Over 10 years of experience in developing tuning software gives us the opportunity to supply you with the best possible setting for your engine.

  • Individual adaptation of the performance data
  • undetectable with common diagnostics
  • for gas and diesel engines
  • absolute all day useable and stable
  • service periods stay the same
  • error message system of the control unit is still online
  • ...

more HP, torque, better elasticity and efficiency!

Engines of later car models are controlled by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), you can compare it with a motherboard of a PC. This ECU controls all the events in the engine, like the fuel supply or the ignition control (firing points), injection, boost maps, ... Chip Tuning is the optimization respectively the exchange of the original software. Basically we disassemble the whole ECU, open it and change the right EPROM's (microchips, Power Chip) or simply reflash the ECU. In case you can't come to the store you would have to send us the numbers on the ECU to verify the right software for your model. Later on you would ship in the ECU, we install the Power Chip and usually send it back the same day. For more detailed information (dyno graphs, specs, prices) please always provide brand, model, engine type, year and HP of your car. In case you don't know exactly where your ECU is located, we will help you.

Power Plus Chip: Now available special software setting for bigger injectors, like the 520 Nozzels from KermaTDI. The package deal would include the 520 Nozzels and the Power Plus Chip for the VAG 1.9l TDI 90HP engine.

                                   US$ 449.00 

Duramax Power Chip: Now available Chevy Duramax Power Chip for all 6.6l Chevy Turbo Diesel engines.
Includes the installation of the Power Chip in the ECU, for all Chevrolet Duramax 6600 V8 Diesel engines. Increase your performance and efficiency with a Power Chip from SpeedTuning. Up to plus 100HP and 200lbft torque at the wheels. Beats other tuning kits like the Edge Juice Box in performance, drivability and response. With the Duramax Power Chip from SpeedTuning you don't just interfere the signals to the injection pump, but modify the mapping for injection, boost and timing direct in the control unit. 2 year warranty on the Power Chip. Not detectable with common diagnostics (warranty!).

                                   US$ 399.00 


Price Power Chip 1.9l TDI: starting at

 US$ 249.00

Price Power Chip VW, AUDI: starting at

 US$ 199.00

Price Power Chip BMW: starting at

 US$ 199.00

Price Power Chip Mercedes: starting at

 US$ 249.00

Price Power Chip Volvo: starting at

 US$ 299.00

Price Power Chip Porsche: starting at

 US$ 299.00

If you can't find your brand or model please ask for exact quote.

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