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The super slider: Power Lube®

Ceramic engine guard - Power Lube® consists of microscopic small ceramic particles (0,2 ), which are carried all over the engine by the standard motor oil, places where extra high friction forces cause dramatic wear. Because of the inner high motor temperature and pressure the single ceramic particles are packed to a fine, extreme resistant protective layer. These ceramic particles can now compensate fine pores and  grooves on the metal surfaces, where there is normally a highly stressed friction surface.

Better performance! Better fuel mileage! Quieter motor!

This means for your car - ceramic has the lowest adhesive factor and is therefore able to neutralize up to 90% of the friction in the engine! Due to the lowered friction the engine takes less energy to run, you get better performance (increased power output up to 10%) and further a better running performance at lower rpm (up to 15% improved fuel mileage).

Less friction means also a much quieter motor run, especially under the worst lubrication conditions (cold starts, old motor oil, too less motor oil, ...)    Power Lube® prevents optimal wear pad, i.e. extended life expectancy for any engine!

Technology of tomorrow for engines of today, good for over 50.000 miles!

Operating time of Power Lube® - this product is not a conventional additive, which you add at each oil change. The Power Lube® ceramic layer guarantees a durable protection. Once added the ceramic surface lasts for over 50.000 miles!

Instructions - add Power Lube® to your standard motor oil. The positive effect will take place after about 200 miles. With 0.5l of Power Lube® you can treat engines up to 2.5l displacement.

Related products - we also carry Power Lube® Gear and Differential Protection (ceramic based), provides a much better wear protection than standard lubricants and lowers the mechanic friction inside the gear box, recommended for all vehicles, especially for heavy duty (off road, heavy traffic, high speed, ...).



and Power Lube® Automatic Transmission Additive, guarantees less wear, because of optimal lubrication (standard automatic transmission fluids are not designed for optimal lubrication), therefore also much quieter run! The result is a lower operation temperature (up to 30 less!) with a longer trouble free operation time.


0.5l US$ 59.00




US$ 39.00

US$ 39.00


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