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Does the Tuning effect the operation time of my car? At SpeedTuning all standard tuning devices get settings, which won't harm the engine or shorten its life. With regular usage and recommended service checks and maintenance the operation time will stay the same.

Why doesn't the producer perform the engine tuning by themselves? The manufacturers design cars and engines for the worldwide market. In different countries many factors, including extreme heights, hot and/or dry climates, poor fuel quality etc command a general ECU software setting. The conditions in Europe and North America are not that extreme, so there is enough tolerance for chip tuning. The HP can also be a political decision, like the 1.9l TDi 90HP engine represents a certain car tax level in some European countries.

Are tuning devices allowed in cars in the US? Yes, you are entitled to install tuning devices in your car, all regular tuning devices are emission proofed.

Is it necessary to get a Sport Air Filter?  We highly recommend a sport air filter. A tuned engine requires a higher air flow. To provide an optimized working Chip Tuning, you should install a Sport Air Filter.

Should I have service checks more frequently? No, all scheduled service checks stay the same. SpeedTuning suggest to continue all regular service, like oil and timing belt changes etc. 

Can Chip Tuning be used in cars with  automatic-transmission? Yes, although those cars use a different ECU software, tuning devices can be installed. The automatic-transmission adapts to the new software. 

Why can I expect a better fuel mileage? Due to the  improved torque graph at low rpm you are able to shift earlier. The result is that you are driving with an average lower rpm and therefore get a better fuel mileage. Also, the tuning devices optimize the injection process and this helps to save fuel.

Are tuning devices detectable?
Power Chip - Not through common diagnostic checks. Only with dyno tests.
Power Box - Not through any diagnostic checks. Only with dyno tests.

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